Lynza docodez product, Samples

Here I put a groups of samples of documents I create using docodez

CPP tips..for programming
A programming sample, research about programming language
Buy a Machine, reserach when I go to buy a machine
Circuits, a big document with a lot off electronic circuits
ffmpeg, research how used for convert video etc..
humor, some jockes etc
Medicina, tips about home remedy etc
printers, how refill some of mi ink printers
recetas, I organize some insteresting recepies and I organize here
Search Algoritms, from google
sqlite, how programming DB into a file

This are some samples of my collection of thing.

You always can found everything on google searching and searching again and again, but some time you can add to your favorites pages (a black hole, 1000 of pages that never found any more) or save into you computer, o create a document using office. But with docodez you can add your documents and organize all your research into a only one file. With one click of distance between your documents, no search into folders or a group of office documents any more...

I make this programs for my personal use, I've been using for more of 7 years, and I will continue using every day. Copy/page from the Internet document to docodez is difficult. But in the end I keep tracking of almost all the more important research for programming or when I want now about something etc. And you can see into my samples some pages that I save into a docodez file don't exist now.