fixing problems deleting folders fix problem with auto save
Windows 2/11/2020 8:52:53 PM fixing problems deleting folders fix problem with auto save
Add Drag-Drop from the explorer to the tree Add history to search dialogs Put profiles, able to change all open docodez at any given time Fix problem with color selector dialogs in multi display settings
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+Web editor tools (remove style for selected HTML tab) -fix save by moving between tabs
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This is a old program started around 2003, is on 32 bits its consume very low resources on you computer and have been my Memory helper for many Years. I keep tracking of almost all my work as programmer, electronic projects, home or car repair, tax notes, food recipe, home remedies etc for many years. I use this almost every day and with the time I been enhance some part most I need. 

You have a open view of possibility
  1. Directly edition
  2. Copy and Paste from others application or browser
  3. Import a group of files, "import files depending of the extension defined on the configuration, file extension not listed no will be import, you need add the extension in your preference first"
  4. Using Onedrive or other cloud file system the enable of auto update on all your computer without exit of the program
  5. Export your document as HTML one page or pages depending on the configuration you select

Using docodez

Docodez in general allow keep all your notes base by thematic on files on the disk. Regular a document is a file on the disk, now you have a file that contain many documents and can be structure by a tree depending of your like

Each file in the disk is a Top Tab in the program, if you press "Mouse right click" over the tab, you will found all the operation allow on this.

  1. All the tabs will keep if you close the program and open again.  
  2. When you are editing the document, after a time that you set on the program preference automatic will be save to the disk
  3. If the file on the disk is modify it will be reload automatic. This I use for keep all my Docodez files on  "Microsoft One Drive" or "Google Drive" or any other cloud option, then the documents can be all over my other machines, if I make a modification on one machine and this is open on another, it automatic will be reload with the new change. Keep on mint that it will take one or two minutes for update.

Adding new documents or folder is using the top toolbar buttons, Save, Load, Create code document (Text document that you select the syntax highlighter), Web documents, Folder,   Find on the document, Find over all the document, are the operation fond on the " top toolbar" 

The Web document have a toolbar too for the edition capability, for create a new Web Document just press the button in the toolbar, and you have to select the Edition Tab on the editor boton  

The main use apart of write my owe notes documents I have is for Organize information on the WEB I go to need, that is why you can go on any browser copy and paste this on the document.

I recommend Install and use a program called "Greenshot" for the screen capture of your notes, go to the "Greenshot preference"/"Expert Tab" and on Clipboard format checked "HTML" this way you can paste in Docodez.

You can use the CTRL+V for paste, or you favorite Paste method

Download Docodez 

Install Docodez


Installation Process

Close for finish the installation

After installation you can found the program in the "Start Menu" of Window

If you don't like the program, then don't worry it can be uninstalled easily by the "Add & Remove programs".