Now you don't need have your ideas into different files or a big document, or the your favorite programming code for your best cookie recipe.

Our salvation is here,"docodez" coming to earth's for your help.

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From numbers to word

This application converts numbers to word in 3 different languages. It's a good helper when you go to write a bank check or if you are learning to write numbers in English, Spanish or French.

Embrotailer lite

See your embroidery Brother PES format. Copy it's to the USB driver or to your USB embroidery machine directly


    This program is to keep organized the repositories that you download from Github to your machine

It also allows you to do searches on Github and download some repositories.

In the "Local" Tab is a tree that allows you to see the repositories downloaded to your machine, and will be a series of tools that will be added to allow you to quickly navigate and use the downloaded repositories.

LzYtDown A Single youtuber download

Allows you to download a video or a playlist, simply copy the link from the browser to the text input and press the download button.

Each video in the selection tree has buttons to send to the download list, delete from the list, refresh the search etc.

This application downloads the videos from YouTube as they are originally YouTube. It does not compress or convert.